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Orange Feather Designs is leading and people’s favorite interior designer based in Delhi, India. Orange Feather Designs is a design firm and a group of creative thinkers. We believe that design has an unrivalled ability to change our world. As designers, we recognise and value our impact on people's lives, whether it's through residential interior design, commercial interior design, hospitality interior design, or multi-use space design. We seek to create sophisticated, high-performance, forward-thinking designs with timeless and enduring characteristics. We feel that the process is dependent on careful execution and an integrated strategy. Our goal has always been to exceed our clients' expectations. We are always focused and on the lookout for the new and inventive, as we seek to create the memorable.

Psychology is a part of every interior design, so we keep your favourite feelings in mind while we are designing. There is an enormous range of colours, feelings, and functionalities that you may have in mind for your home. Stay true to your desires for a particular feeling, there is no designer like us! We will be able to bring out the inner emotions that you may not be considering.

We seek to create sophisticated, high-performance, forward-thinking designs with timeless and enduring characteristics. We feel that the process is dependent on careful execution and an integrated strategy. Our goal has always been to exceed our clients' expectations. We are always focused and on the lookout for the new and inventive, as we seek to create the memorable.

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We are Known as Top-rated Interior Designer in Delhi NCR.

"Borrowing from various styles of designs from all over the world, Deepti Malviya, an inescapable person of interior design with over 16 years of experience, has built her works on the interbreeding & mixture of styles from more than baroque to less than bare. “She appropriates the eclectic taste of its clientele in adjusting its decors to each of their desires all the while adding elegance which creates a balance within such opulence. Classical or contemporary, transitional or scandinavian, at ease in all disciplines with the leitmotiv being a feeling of comfort and an expectation of the highest quality.”
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Confluence consultancy services, Chalk Studio, Modus Design Studio, The Lalit (Bharat Hotel), Duet India Hotels, Tybros and CSDirekt.

Deepti Malviya

Principal Designer
Deepti Malviya - Principal Designer

Interior Design Services

We have everything you need for your home or workplace, whether it be end-to-end interiors or modular solutions. We have your back from beginning to end with our extensive styling and decoration options.

Residential Interior designer in Delhi

Residential Interiors

No matter where life takes us, we all see home as the place where we are always wanted.

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Commercial Interior Designer in Delhi

Commercial Interiors

Whether it is a home office or a corporate office, it is important to keep in mind the.

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styling and Decoration service in Delhi

Styling & Decoration

Home accessories, as movable decorations, reflect the owner's taste and create a personal.

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Our Working Process

We have everything you need for your home or workplace, whether it be end-to-end interiors or modular solutions. We have your back from beginning to end with our extensive styling and decoration options.

Designer & Client Meeting


Designer & Client Meeting

Meet the customer to discuss the project goals and requirements.

Design Plan & Proposal


Design Plan & Proposal

We present designs that are best suited to your requirements and budget.

Oversee the Installation


Technical Drawing

Include floor plans, furniture layouts, electrical layouts & selection of materials and finishes.

Conduct a final walk-through with the client


Installation & Conduct a final Walk-through with client

To ensure that all furniture, lighting & decorative items are placed correctly and the space meets all of their expectations and is ready for use.

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Home Interior

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Home Interior

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Restaurant Interior

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Why Choose us as an Expert Interior Designer

Welcome to our world of design, where creativity meets functionality to create enthralling abodes. We are a reputable interior design firm that takes pride in creating personalised and unique places that are tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. When it comes to interior design, you want someone who can bring your vision to life, deliver excellent services, and exceed your expectations. Look no further since we are the best option for your interior design requirements.

Our Team and Expertise

Our interior design team is comprised of dedicated individuals that are well-versed in the art of design. We have over two decades of combined expertise, and our diversified portfolio demonstrates our ability to tackle projects of varying scales and complexities. We thrive in all design styles, from contemporary to traditional, minimalist to eclectic. Our designers appreciate the value of personalised attention and work closely with customers to understand their specific needs.

Personalised Designs for Your Lifestyle

When it comes to interior design, one size does not fit all. We believe that each area should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Our approach is based on a thorough grasp of your tastes, needs, and goals. We listen to your ideas, analyse your space, and then create a design plan that is completely in line with your vision. Our emphasis on customised solutions guarantees that your area reflects your unique personality.

Craftsmanship of High Quality

Exceptional design necessitates exceptional craftsmanship. We work with the best artisans, craftspeople, and suppliers to find the best materials and furniture. Our dedication to quality ensures that every detail of your design is thoughtfully constructed to perfection. We leave no stone unturned in delivering outstanding quality, whether it's a custom-built piece of furniture or a complex lighting fixture.

Paying Attention to Detail

The details are what make a well-designed environment beautiful. We are perfectionists at heart, and we thrive on paying attention to even the slightest details. Every element is carefully examined, from the positioning of décor accessories to the colour scheme coordination. Our designers have a good aesthetic sense and will guarantee that your area oozes harmony and balance.

Creativity and intelligence

Our design philosophy is powered by innovation. We take pleasure in being ahead of the curve and continually researching new concepts and design trends. Our designers are well-versed in the most recent advancements and cutting-edge technologies that will take your space to the next level. Creativity runs through our veins, and we imbue our designs with a certain flair that sets them out from the ordinary.

Project Management That Is Consistent

A excellent interior design project demands not only artistic vision but also flawless implementation. Our project management staff ensures that every detail of your design plan is carried out correctly and on time. We handle everything from material procurement to contractor coordination so you can sit back and watch your dream place come to life.

Testimonials and Client Satisfaction

Our client satisfaction record speaks for itself. We have won the trust and gratitude of many clients who are pleased with the settings we have designed for them over the years. Their nice words and glowing recommendations demonstrate our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.


We recognise that interior design may be an expensive investment, and we work hard to make the process as cost-effective as possible. Our designers are skilled in maximising budgets without sacrificing design quality. We believe in honesty and make certain that there are no surprises or hidden costs.

Awards and Recognition

Our commitment to design excellence has earned us industry prizes and recognition. We are the delighted recipients of various design awards, which demonstrate our originality and experience. These honours inspire us to keep raising the bar and pushing the boundaries of design innovation.

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FAQs About Interior Design

Orange Feather Designs specializes in providing interior design services. We offer a wide range of services, including residential and commercial interior design, space planning, furniture selection, color consultation, lighting design, and more. Our goal is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that reflect the unique style and preferences of our clients.

At Orange Feather Designs, we follow a comprehensive design process to ensure that our clients' needs and vision are met. The process typically begins with an initial consultation, where we discuss the project scope, budget, and timeline. Afterward, our team conducts an on-site assessment to gather information about the space and take measurements. We then proceed with creating design concepts, presenting them to the client for feedback and revisions. Once the design is finalized, we handle the procurement of materials, coordinate with contractors, and oversee the installation to bring the vision to life.

The cost of our interior design services varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Each project is unique, and factors such as the size of the space, the level of customization required, and the selection of materials and furnishings can influence the overall cost. We provide customized quotes based on individual project requirements. We believe in transparency, and our team will discuss the cost breakdown and any additional fees before starting the project.

Yes, we understand that each client has a specific budget in mind for their project. At Orange Feather Designs, we strive to work within your budget while delivering high-quality design solutions. During the initial consultation, we discuss your budgetary constraints, and our team will propose design options that align with your financial expectations. We aim to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the aesthetic appeal or functionality of the space.

Yes, we cater to both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need assistance with designing your dream home, renovating an office space, or enhancing the ambiance of a retail store, Orange Feather Designs can help. Our experienced team has expertise in a wide range of project types and sizes, and we can adapt our design approach to suit the specific requirements of each client.

Absolutely! At Orange Feather Designs, we believe in creating spaces that truly reflect our clients' personal style and preferences. We encourage open communication and collaboration throughout the design process, allowing you to actively participate and provide input. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision, incorporate your ideas, and curate a design that aligns with your unique taste.

Yes, as part of our comprehensive interior design services, Orange Feather Designs can handle the procurement and installation of furniture, fixtures, and accessories. We have established relationships with reputable suppliers and can assist you in selecting the right pieces that complement the design concept. Our team will oversee the delivery, installation, and arrangement of all items, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.

The duration of an interior design project varies depending on the size, complexity, and scope of work involved. Smaller projects such as a single room redesign or a small office space renovation may take a few weeks to complete, while larger projects like whole-house renovations or commercial spaces may take several months. During the initial consultation, we discuss the project timeline and set realistic expectations based on your specific requirements.

Yes, Orange Feather Designs offers virtual design services for clients who may not be able to meet in person or prefer remote collaboration. Through online communication tools and digital platforms, we can conduct virtual consultations, share design concepts and ideas, provide 3D visualizations, and collaborate on the project remotely. Our virtual design services allow us to work with clients from different locations and provide convenient design solutions.

Yes, Orange Feather Designs has established connections with trusted contractors, suppliers, and other professionals in the industry. If your project requires additional services such as construction, electrical work, plumbing, or custom fabrication, we can coordinate and collaborate with these professionals on your behalf. Our aim is to provide a seamless and coordinated experience, ensuring that all aspects of your project are handled efficiently.

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